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Re: [rdf4j-dev] rdf4j 2.4 out the door


nice work.

The main rdf4j seems to be ok, everything in master is already in dev, and rdf4-doc does not have a dev branch...

I've created a PR for merging the small changes rdf4j-tools into dev, no conflicts to resolve.

I'll check the rdf4j-storage as well. At first sight it is only one small change that needs to be applied.

Best regards


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Subject: [rdf4j-dev] rdf4j 2.4 out the door
Thanks everyone for your hard work! Artifacts are uploaded, announcements have been made, release notes are public.

It's late here. Could someone else have a look at putting up PRs to merge the master branches of the repos into the develop branch, so things are in sync?