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Re: [rdf4j-dev] Release Planning / Timeline

Hi Jeen,

Looks good, only a few notes:

Would it be possible to add tools issue #63 (+ the pull request) to the 2.4.0 release ?
It fixes a regression I've introduced when reworking the console base :-/
- https://github.com/eclipse/rdf4j-tools/issues/63

The following issue could also be part of 2.4.0 (Only some minor javadoc changes)
- https://github.com/eclipse/rdf4j-tools/issues/52

Best regards

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On 08/06/18 18:34, Andreas Schwarte wrote:

> what are the current plannings for upcoming releases (2.4.x, 2.5.x, 
> ...). Is there already a timeline and roadmap defined?

We have a tentative list of scheduled deliverables, available on the planning board at https://github.com/orgs/eclipse/projects/3 . The main features are:

- upgrade to Lucene 6 (let's lock this in, and plan Lucene 7 for a 2.5
- improvements to SHACL support (work in progress)
- first release of the SparqlBuilder (spanqit) module
- Console improvements (worked on by Bart)

Everyone: can you please have a look at this board and at any issues you are working on? If you have work planned that is to be included in 2.4.0, please make sure the ticket appears in the "Planned for 2.4.0" 
column on the project board (as well as on the 2.4.0 milestone).

Anyone who sees an issue on the planning that they think they can do some work on, please pick it up and let me know - appreciated :)

> We would require the lucene change to either lucene 6.x or lucene 7.x 
> ideally by mid-July such that we can integrate it into our next release.

The main holdup I think is the SHACL work, which still requires some substantial engineering (somewhat my fault, I underestimated the effort needed to refactor things). If push comes to shove we can reschedule that work to 2.5 though, even without it I believe we have enough cool stuff happening in 2.4.

I am aiming for a July 19 release. Closer, I feel, is putting too much at risk with the limited availability of most devs (and also keeping in mind that we need to go through review). Is that workable for you? Of course, I'd like to do a few milestone builds before that date - we can push one out as early as next week if you like.



PS due to personal circumstances I may not be available for most of the coming week.
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