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Re: [ptp-dev] Fwd: Git Configuration

On 12/05/2011 04:07 AM, Beth Tibbitts wrote:
> Claudia
> See
> You need to make sure that a non-interactive shell gets the right
> environment setup.
> Altho, based on my expericence, .bashrc is the one it calls.
> Interactive shells can call .profile or .bash_profile (need to update
> that wiki page)

It depends on which shell you use on that remote machine.  Usually the
default for Linux is set to bash, but some people like ksh, tcsh, etc.
and have their default shell set to that.

tcsh uses ~/.tcshrc, and if that doesn't exist, it tries ~/.cshrc

I've never used ksh, but looking at the man page, it appears to use the
same file as bash (and sh) - .profile

All that said, you may be asking for some obscure errors if you don't
use bash.  I ran into some serious problems using TM/TCF (unrelated to
PTP!) when using tcsh on a remote machine.  Switching my remote machine
to use bash instead, after debugging the plug-in to figure out what was
going wrong, fixed the problem I was having.

- Corey

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