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[polarsys-iwg] PolarSys maturity dashboard

Hello Polarsys members,

The Eclipse dashboard [1], which provided many of the numbers used in the PolarSys dashboard [2], has been decommissioned recently [3]. As a consequence numbers relative to SCM (git), MLS (mailing lists and forums) and ITS (Bugzilla) in the polarsys dashboard are no longer up to date.

The other data providers still work fine, but the quality model is highly dependent on the aforementioned areas and one needs to be really careful when using any data on the server.

I've been maintaining this dashboard up to now, but developing the new connectors requires too much work and I simply can't afford that now.
As you probably know, the engine used in the polarsys dashboard has been superseded by Alambic [4], which offers a better architecture and extensibility.

I have plans to develop data connectors for the new kibana/elastic-based dashboard in Alambic soon, and setup a new server to host the analysis.
According to the plan this should be up and running around August.

Please let me know if you have any question or remark.

Thanks, have a tremendous weekend! :-)

[1] http://dashboard.eclipse.org [2] http://dashboard.polarsys.org [3] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=511493 [4] https://bitbucket.org/BorisBaldassari/alambic

Boris Baldassari
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