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[polarsys-iwg] Maturity Assessment: Minutes of the meeting

Hiho all,

Thank you for attending the Maturity Assessment conference call. Here are some notes about what was said, you are welcome to comment on this mail.

The goal of this meeting was to validate the metrics used in the 1st version of the maturity assessment, which is planned for the end of the year. They can be seen here:

We also presented a schedule to get feedback from people at specific dates:

* From now on, we will setup the preliminary scales (normalising metrics values to a 1-5 range) with statistical methods and improve the description of metrics, questions and attributes and the presentation of results. This will be completed by the end of the month.

* Monday, the 1st of December 16h00 UTC: present scales and aggregation of metrics. This will be a first round, since we'll setup a survey that will run during the first two weeks of December to get feedback on the scales and thresholds.

* Monday, the 15th of December 16h00 UTC: have a final review, after integrating feedback from the experts (you!). From there we will collect metrics on more projects to demonstrate the fully-featured quality model beginning of 2015.

# The 2.x version of the maturity model

Some of the feedback received could not be integrated in the current scope because of the time frame, e.g. add metrics about reviews, more PMI metrics, more attributes (security), surveys, etc.

They are currently investigated on a specific 2.x branch of the product and will be made available in the second version of the product, in 2015.

# Specific note on metrics aggregation

The metrics will be normalised (with the scales), then aggregated up to questions, then to attributes up to the root. Whenever there is more than one child, the mean (or median, to be decided) is used for the aggregation. If needed, one may set weights on each child to adapt the process to specific contexts (customisation of the model is one of our requirements). As researchers, this is the best we could do from a statistical perspective. Any comment on the aggregation method is welcome, too.

That's all, folks.

We are continuously updating the polarsys dashboard at so please do not hesitate to send comments, feedback or opinions to the mailing list.



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