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[platform-ui-dev] All test suites should dump stack traces on timeout

Hi all,

We face today an increased server instability, more deadlocks, livelocks, whatever else, and diagnosing all this is very hard.

One thing we can/should do IMHO is to automatically log deadlock-like cases in all our tests, independently if they run on Gerrit or with SDK build - I believe the way how the tests run is different, but it shouldn't matter. It would be great if all test suites (or as many as possible) can re-use code from the releng test runner org.eclipse.test.EclipseTestRunner, or at least do similar reporting of stack traces on timeout.

The main question is: how to make all those different test suites and different test runners behave similar in deadlock like case?

Could you please share your opinions/suggestions on [1] in bugzilla?

Many thanks!


Kind regards,
Andrey Loskutov

Спасение утопающих - дело рук самих утопающих

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