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[platform-ui-dev] gray file path went missing from Open Resource.

Hello guys,

I noticed the gray text went missing from the open resource dialogue a while ago:
Inline image 1

My old Eclipse had this text:
Inline image 2

Considering in SWT every widget is present ~3 times in sources,
not having the file path in the dialogue makes it rather tedious to navigateÂÂ :-/.

Was this an intentional UI change?
If so, can we go back to former behavior or is there a way to re-enable it? (I haven't seen an option).

Well, either that or who knows, instead of fixing a Gtk bug I might accidentally fix a Cocoa bug instead because I opened the wrong java file :-/. #FridaySarcasm.

Thank you.

Leo Ufimtsev, Software Engineer, Red Hat