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[platform-ui-dev] Items in context menu dissapear in Project Explorer view



I'm working on customizing an Eclipse-based IDE according to the customer's needs.


* The customized IDE is based on Eclipse 4.5.2 (Mars), mostly used for C/C++ development.

* New commands are added in context menu of projects, visible in the Project Explorer view.

* Sometimes, in the project's context menu some commands may show up in a different order than expected; on the next display of the context menu, the misplaced commands disappear.

* The misbehaving commands are a mix of new and existing commands.

* No obvious pattern as to when this behavior occurs, pretty hard to reproduce.

* A found workaround is to close/reopen the corresponding view (Project Explorer), then the commands show again, and the order is correct.


I tried as a possible fix to eliminate all the conditions "enableWhen", "visibleWhen", and also the property testers form plugin.xml of the plugins contributing to the menu. Since then, the issue did not reproduce anymore.


However, I would like to determine the root cause of this behavior. Does anyone has a clue where to look for the root cause? Is there any way  / tool to debug this kind of issue?


Thank you!

Mihaela Popoiu

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