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Re: [platform-ui-dev] [platform-releng-dev] 4.8.0 I-Build: I20171219-2000: 11 failures from ep48I-unit-cen64-gtk3


It seems there are ~10 failing tests in org.eclipse.ui.tests.forms, on GTK3. I have reproduced the issues locally on my machine with SWT all the way back to June (I didn't go back further).

Have there been any recent changes to the build machine that would cause this test to fail suddenly? AFAICT the failure happened sometime between December 18th and now. This is odd, as I can reproduce the failures locally with SWT from before then.


On 12/20/2017 04:27 AM, genie.releng@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
4.8.0 I-Build: I20171219-2000: 11 failures from ep48I-unit-cen64-gtk3

 ÂÂÂBuild logs and test results:

ÂÂÂTests Passed: 102438 ÂÂÂ Total Number of Tests: 102449 ÂÂÂ Total Tests Time: 5 h 2 m ÂÂÂ Total Elapsed Time: 6 h 3 m

ÂÂÂIn general, the tests can be viewed on Hudson at https://hudson.eclipse.org:443/platform/view/Unit Tests/

ÂÂÂFor this specific test the specific Hudson job results can be viewed at
https://hudson.eclipse.org:443/platform/view/Unit Tests/job/ep48I-unit-cen64-gtk3/218/

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