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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20110111-0800

A thousand years ago this would have been really funny.

tagged I20110111-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 74073. [Mac] Closing window should not exit App (FIXED)
+ Bug 97787. [EditorMgmt] Untitled Text Editor - Can lose unsaved content when reusing text editors (FIXED)
+ Bug 127852. [UX][Help] Help button should be a toggle (FIXED)
+ Bug 207510. Call to IResource.setEncoding() persists derived file's encoding setting in .settings\org.eclipse.core.resources.prefs (FIXED)
+ Bug 208626. [KeyBindings] Mnemonic gets hidden if there is existing Alt key binding (FIXED)
+ Bug 221172. [Commands] [ViewMgmt] Window > Show View doesn't open existing instances of multi-instance views (FIXED)
+ Bug 235657. [Markers][Undo] regression: can no longer undo marker operations (FIXED)
+ Bug 270007. [GlobalActions] Registering actions should not be required to use standard org.eclipse.ui commands (NEW)
+ Bug 300368. Resource Working Set shows inexistent project that cannot be deleted in Package Explorer (FIXED)
+ Bug 305216. [EditorMgmt] Focus lost when closing a dirty editor from the editor selection dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 306611. [DataBinding] Converted value property (FIXED)
+ Bug 313303. [KeyBindings] Add "shortcuts" keywords to Keys preference page (FIXED)
+ Bug 323444. [Undo] [Commands] java.util.ConcurrentModificationException when trying to get the undo history from a source viewer (FIXED)
+ Bug 324078. [IDE] Cannot create a virtual TreeViewer in ContentOutlinePage (FIXED)
+ Bug 324663. [ActivityMgmt] Enabling activity through core _expression_ overrides pattern binding, causing exception (FIXED)
+ Bug 326340. [Workbench] Removing recent workspaces doesn't remove them from the "Switch Workspace" menu (FIXED)
+ Bug 326695. [Workbench] WorkbenchLabelProvider and IWorkbenchAdapter doesn't support StyledString (FIXED)
+ Bug 331335. [Wizards] Bad implementation of IWizard's dispose() method can prevent the dialog from closing (FIXED)
+ Bug 331348. [DataBinding] Make get<Value|Set|List|Map> methods of properties non-final (FIXED)
+ Bug 331621. Workbench throws NPE's on initial startup after install when bundles are started programmatically in earlyStartup() (FIXED)
+ Bug 331665. Add UI for Bug 207510 (FIXED)
+ Bug 331909. [Workbench] Intermittent test failure in PlatformUITest.testWithoutDisplayAccess_sync() (FIXED)
+ Bug 332123. [Examples] Get rid of warnings in 'org.eclipse.ui.examples.propertysheet' (FIXED)
+ Bug 332216. [ViewMgmt] ErrorViewPart must implement setFocus() method (FIXED)
+ Bug 332644. [EditorMgmt] DefaultPartList leaks shells (FIXED)
+ Bug 332930. Simplify code from bug 207510 (FIXED)
+ Bug 333101. [Preferences] Redundant preferences node creation in LineDelimiterEditor (FIXED)
+ Bug 333577. [Win32] WindowXP command "Close Group" can not close all the Eclipse window that in one group (FIXED)
+ Bug 333584. [GlobalActions] Save does not work (FIXED)
+ Bug 333634. Cannot undo deletion of markers (FIXED)
+ Bug 333689. [About] About dialog text - needs to not cache system property values (FIXED)
+ Bug 333741. 9 Errors in WorkspaceOperationsTests (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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