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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20101116-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 5023. [EditorMgmt] associations: Editor selection dialog needs to be multiselect (FIXED)
+ Bug 51339. [EditorMgmt] 'Switch to Editor' dialog prompts for each dirty editor individually instead of batching them (FIXED)
+ Bug 207773. [Workbench] IMemento reference incomplete (FIXED)
+ Bug 227087. [Commands] Nicer 'Show view' command label (FIXED)
+ Bug 244011. [Wizards] Import from Filesystem dialog does not always give file-list (FIXED)
+ Bug 270007. [GlobalActions] Registering actions should not be required to use standard org.eclipse.ui commands (NEW)
+ Bug 279781. [Import/Export] Recursive addition problem in Import  > Existing projects into workspace (FIXED)
+ Bug 299295. [KeyBindings] Exporting key preferences to CSV does not allow context being null (FIXED)
+ Bug 300372. [Commands] Doing Ctrl+3 build id command fails with InvalidArgumentException (FIXED)
+ Bug 323393. [Contributions] Service initialization wrong! Sources must be initialized before Handlers (FIXED)
+ Bug 323489. [KeyBindings] Reduce memory footprint of BindingManager (FIXED)
+ Bug 323528. [EditorMgmt] Need getActiveEditorInput(ExecutionEvent) and getActiveEditorInputChecked(ExecutionEvent) in HandlerUtil (FIXED)
+ Bug 323713. [DND] Drop affordance drawn in minimized stack but throws IAE when mouse button is released (FIXED)
+ Bug 327161. [Commands] Overlapping mnemonic in new folder wizard (FIXED)
+ Bug 328763. [Commands] CommandContributionItem's getCommand() method should spec that it 'null' may be returned (FIXED)
+ Bug 329751. Duplicate mnemonic 'D' on 'Appearance' preference page (FIXED)
+ Bug 329835. [EditorMgmt] WorkbenchEditorsDialog's save operation simply reuses a progress monitor repeatedly for every editor to be saved (FIXED)
+ Bug 329871. [Commands] Stackoverflow in BindingSystem (NEW)

The following projects have changed:

Oleg Besedin

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