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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI build submission for I20101019-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+Bug 170244. [Markers] Problems view doesn't have a meaningful fast view
+Bug 217955. [WorkingSets] API to get the IWorkingSets that are part of an
aggregating IWorkingSet (FIXED)
+Bug 252587. [Markers] Problems view should enable 'Quick Fix' for multiple
selection (FIXED)
+Bug 259094. [Markers] QuickFixPage should take advantage of
IMarkerResolution2#getImage() (FIXED)
+Bug 274631. [WorkingSets] Save/restore of aggregate workingset broken by
changes from Bug 217955. (FIXED)
+Bug 297337. [Markers] Markers views should set its part tool tip to its
content description when hidden (FIXED)
+Bug 310612. [Markers] Quick fix wizard should not let the user finish if
nothing has been selected (FIXED)
+Bug 325899. [Preferences] [accessibility] Preferences Dialog menu button
needs a tooltip (FIXED)
+Bug 326000. [Markers] Problems view enhancements (FIXED)
+Bug 326312. [Preferences] NullPointerException when pressing ok in
perspectives preferences, when all perspectives are closed (FIXED)
+Bug 326673. [WorkingSets] FileNotFoundException in WorkingSetManager
+Bug 327192. Concurrent access to file while decorating (FIXED)
+Bug 327503. [Mac] On cocoa, Shell could be decorated with the titlePath
property (FIXED)
+Bug 327648. [Markers] Quick Fix dialog should only select the markers that
are selected in the view (FIXED)
+Bug 327653. [Dialogs] FilteredItemsSelectionDialog burns a lot of time in
LinkedList#contains(..) (FIXED)
+Bug 327690. WizardHandlers could update the contribution's UI properties
+Bug 327788. [DynamicGUI] UIExtensionTracker calling Display.syncExec() on
disposed Display (FIXED)

The following projects have changed :

[Got changed-project detail from mapfile as my mail client lost that bit
while formatting, and for some reason undo does not work ;) ]


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