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[platform-ui-dev] build submission for M20100818-0800

I don't believe this list is accurate, but it's what the tool provided.

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 201391. [MPE] notifaction when active page of a
MultiPageEditorPart changes (FIXED)
+ Bug 225601. Adopt API tooling for UI bundles (FIXED)
+ Bug 231119. [GlobalActions] RefreshAction markes as @noextend but
should be (FIXED)
+ Bug 239421. [EditorMgmt] MultiEditor: does not support propagate
events (FIXED)
+ Bug 246162. [Commands] [Services] Make IWorkbenchLocationService public (NEW)
+ Bug 250651. [Contributions] CommandContributionItemParameter's
constructor javadoc needs correction (FIXED)
+ Bug 255136. [Commands] [Services] IEvaluationReference needs to
remove its provisional API claim (FIXED)
+ Bug 256158. [Metadata] Constants in ISharedImages cause API tooling
errors (FIXED)
+ Bug 264030. [IDE] Platform UI refrences update.configurator (FIXED)
+ Bug 265812. [StatusHandling] Add @noextend to the WSDM (FIXED)
+ Bug 267470. [Navigator] Deprecate the ResourceNavigator (FIXED)
+ Bug 270472. [JFace] Orca cannot read Eclipse status line (FIXED)
+ Bug 283676. [FieldAssist] ControlDecoration should add @noextend API
tooling tag (FIXED)
+ Bug 284330. [JFace] Add isVisible API to ControlDecoration (FIXED)
+ Bug 287454. [KeyBindings] F16-F19 unusable as shortcut keys in
General -> Keys (FIXED)
+ Bug 292762. [Contributions] MenuUtil provides constants and static
methods ... it should be marked noextend (FIXED)
+ Bug 297271. [Undo] AbstractWorkspaceOperation and its subclasses
don't have @noextend API tags (FIXED)
+ Bug 302529. [UX] [Progress] Show Eclipse IDE progress in the Eclipse
icon on the Windows 7 Task Bar (FIXED)
+ Bug 315620. [Progress] WorkbenchWindow is leaked (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

Paul Webster
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