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[platform-ui-dev] Re: Platform UI build submission for I20100509-0800

I get 4 failures in the DragTestSuite, complaining differences between expected and actual as:

layout (((*Navigator)|layout ((Mock Editor 1, *Mock Editor 2)|active (*Mock Editor 2)))-(*Outline, Problems, Properties))
layout (((*Navigator)|layout ((Mock Editor 1, *Mock Editor 2)-active (*Mock Editor 2)))-(*Outline, Problems, Properties))

(single char difference between Mock Editor 2 and active)

Not sure whether this just happens in Mac or something else wrong in my configuration (there has been previous instances like this - test failures in my machine and all well in build machines). I didn't see any direct references in the bugs submitted with these failures. Also since I've already missed two I builds consecutively, I didn't want to miss this I build. I've went ahead with the submission.

 - Prakash

"When the game ends, the king and pawn goes into the same box”
- Italian proverb

On 8 May 2010 22:51, Prakash G.R. <grprakash@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
> + Bug 9262. [Viewers] Recursion with multiple equal elements in
> IStructuredContentProvider/ITreeContentProvider (FIXED)
> + Bug 170956. [Progress] Would like ability to change icon on the Jobs
> progress bar (FIXED)
> + Bug 284558. [Perspectives] NPE: CustomizePerspectiveDialog in method
> getVisibleIDs (FIXED)
> + Bug 293263. [Accessibility] Read-only text boxes not accessible (FIXED)
> + Bug 306736. [Workbench] Contributed sourceProvider can cause
> troubles on start (FIXED)
> + Bug 309716. [Perspectives] Resetting a perspective removes all
> shortcuts from the New toolbar button (FIXED)
> + Bug 310601. [FieldAssist] ContentAssistCommandAdapter enablement not
> toggled when field has focus (FIXED)
> + Bug 311438. please tag these ui bundles so they include source
> references for the 3.6 release (FIXED)
> The following projects have changed:
> org.eclipse.ui
> org.eclipse.ui.examples.readmetool
> org.eclipse.ui.examples.multipageeditor
> org.eclipse.ui.carbon
> org.eclipse.ui.workbench
> org.eclipse.ui.cocoa
> org.eclipse.ui.examples.propertysheet
> org.eclipse.jface
> org.eclipse.ui.examples.contributions
> org.eclipse.ui.examples.undo
> org.eclipse.ui.win32
> "When the game ends, the king and pawn goes into the same box”
>  - Italian proverb

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