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[platform-ui-dev] 3.6 M7 milestone week next week

04/30/2010	3.6M7 (Feature Freeze) [1]

This is the last week before the M7 milestone week.  We will follow
the standard milestone week procedures next week.  Next Tuesday, Apr
27th, will be an all day test-day (test plan to follow).  We'll need
to verify all of our M7 bugs.  Wednesday and Thursday we'll fix any
bugs that are identified on Tuesday as Must Fix for M7.

Also note, RC1 follows M7 and is only 2 weeks long.  At that point
we'll be following the 3.6 freeze plan [2].  It's worth read,
especially the "Fix pass rules of engagement" section. i.e. in RC1 you
must get another committer's +1 on your bug report, etc.



Paul Webster
Hi floor.  Make me a sammich! - GIR

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