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[platform-ui-dev] build submission for I20100413-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 212565. [Dialogs] Open Resource dialog's camel case support fails with file extensions (FIXED)
+ Bug 227289. [Dialogs] CamelCase issue in "Open Resource" dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 236104. [EditorMgmt] File association default needs to be set twice to take effect (FIXED)
+ Bug 283345. [Mac] Quitting Eclipse with Command-Q shortcut should confirm or be optional (FIXED)
+ Bug 290025. Update jface bundle version and required versions (FIXED)
+ Bug 297184. [Wizards] [resource filters] New file wizard should not allow to create files that are excluded by resource filter (FIXED)
+ Bug 297188. The 'New...' wizard should show a warning if the resource created is already filtered (FIXED)
+ Bug 300226. [EditorMgmt] Create tests for bug 236104 (FIXED)
+ Bug 303094. [EditorMgmt] Save operation does not seem to be closed appropriately in the face of failures (FIXED)
+ Bug 304397. ISharedImages.IMG_DEC_FIELD_ERROR has no image (FIXED)
+ Bug 305585. [FastView] FastViewManager assumes all IViewReferences are ViewReferences (FIXED)
+ Bug 306711. [EditorMgmt] 'Switch to Editor' should display sort indicators in its column headers (FIXED)
+ Bug 308339. Translation Question - WSW36- #66 (FIXED)
+ Bug 308894. [EditorMgmt] NPE in PlatformUIPreferenceListener#preferenceChange(..) when changing file editor associations (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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