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[platform-ui-dev] Fwd: Adding a search-scope


I have already tried the pde mailing-list, who told me, I should try it here, so I hope to have better luck this time ;-). I am currently developing a plug-in for a DSL.

Right now I am using the common text-based search from eclipse which supports four different scopes (workspace, selected resources, enclosing project, working set) by default.

For my plug-in it would be handy to have another extra scope: Every project in my workspace contains a folder L/projectName/A/projectName. So I want to add a scope which searches this folder in every project in my workspace.

I would prefer not to implement my own search-page as I really like the usual text-search and besides the scope would like to leave the rest untouched.

Is there a way to programmatically add this scope to this search-page (like through an extension or so) or do you know any workaround (like a regular _expression_ one could use when searching in these folders)?

Thanks in advance


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