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[platform-ui-dev] new SAXBuilder() doen't work in public class MakefileEditorAction implements IObjectActionDelegate

Hi all,
when I debug mon program, I've the problem in the class below
public class MakefileEditorAction implements IObjectActionDelegate {

private ISelection selection;

public void run(IAction action) {

line :XMLReader.getVariableValues("data.xml");
step in the definition of this function:

public class XMLReader {
static org.jdom.Document document;
static Element racine;

public static Map<String, ArrayList<String>> getVariableValues(
String filename) {
Map<String, ArrayList<String>> valueList = new HashMap<String, ArrayList<String>>();
SAXBuilder sxb = new SAXBuilder();
try {
document = File(filename));
} catch (Exception e) {
when i step over this line :SAXBuilder sxb = new SAXBuilder();
I entered in the class eventtable.class and then in Workbench.class:
the program run in loop, it can't get out of while... so it probably the problem of constructor SAXBuilder,
when I create a main class, I call XMLReader.getVariableValues("data.xml"), it works, but not in 
the class MakefileEditorAction.
private void runEventLoop(Window.IExceptionHandler handler, Display display) {
runEventLoop = true;
while (runEventLoop) {
try {
if (!display.readAndDispatch()) {
} catch (Throwable t) {
// In case Display was closed under us
if (display.isDisposed())
runEventLoop = false;

have an idea about that?

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