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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20100310-0100

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 53654. Infinite loop in animation of making a fastview (FIXED)
+ Bug 55564. [FastViews Animate transition for views from restored->zoomed state (and vice versa) (WONTFIX)
+ Bug 57143. Fast view animate transition bad on Linux (FIXED)
+ Bug 61628. [Workbench] Animating close rectangle is barely visible on the MAC (FIXED)
+ Bug 105816. Extraneous NLS tag incorrectly found in comments (FIXED)
+ Bug 130182. [CommonNavigator][Help] missing help in Customize View dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 153957. [FastViews] Create Multiple FVB's (FIXED)
+ Bug 158658. Eclipse 3.3 presentation: Minimize too slow on Windows (FIXED)
+ Bug 178743. [Trim] IndexOutOfBoundsException restoring View (FIXED)
+ Bug 178989. [Min/Max] Handle 'non-standard' stack/view types (FIXED)
+ Bug 251193. closing the WorkbenchWindow causes the RectangleAnimation to fail (FIXED)
+ Bug 280964. [CommonNavigator] Confusing javadocs in CommonNavigator (FIXED)
+ Bug 300198. [CommonNavigator] LabelProviderTest.testChangeActivation() fails (FIXED)
+ Bug 301748. [DataBinding] The model is not updated when overriding ObservableValueEditingSupport.createBinding (FIXED)
+ Bug 305036. [Path Variables] Minor API changes in Dynamic Path Variables area (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 305114. [CommonNavigator] ResourceSelectionUtil has been deprecated without public replacement (FIXED)
+ Bug 305141. chkpii error in I20100308-1300 wrt org_eclipse_ui_navigator_navigatorContent.html (FIXED)
+ Bug 305156. NPE when trying to use Search dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 305161. Dynamic Path Variable ui.ide API review (FIXED)
+ Bug 305192. Put RectangleAnimation back into org.eclipse.ui.workbench (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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