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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 230903. [Markers] Problems view > Configure Contents...
gray-checks fully selected type categories (FIXED)
+ Bug 231150. [Dialogs] Need API to get appropriate parent shell for a
dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 239421. [EditorMgmt] MultiEditor: does not support propagate
events (FIXED)
+ Bug 264194. [KeyBindings] NullPointerException (Cannot set a null
prefix table) during shutdown (FIXED)
+ Bug 278352. [QuickAccess] [Quick Access] Right / Numeric pad enter
not working (FIXED)
+ Bug 284447. [Workbench] Add custom workspace name in front of the
Workbench window title (FIXED)
+ Bug 288358. testKeepProperty failure (FIXED)
+ Bug 296738. [Contributions] Missing label for toolbar menu
contribution (FIXED)
+ Bug 296800. [GlobalActions] UI build actions should not lock the
workspace (FIXED)
+ Bug 297356. [Progress] Exporting with workspace compiled files logs
problems twice (FIXED)
+ Bug 299212. [Preferences] BIDI_BDL: Incorrect path display in Linked
Resources list of Preferences dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 299585. [KeyBindings] KeyAssistDialog should start with row 0
selected (especially useful in keybinding conflicts) (FIXED)
+ Bug 299731. [Progress] ProgressMonitorDialog should check for widget
state in its async runnable (FIXED)
+ Bug 300223. [EditorMgmt] FileEditorMapping needs to implement
hashCode(), and improve clone() and equals() (FIXED)
+ Bug 300468. Action is always disabled (FIXED)
+ Bug 300526. [KeyBindings] Keyboard shortcuts for clipboard copy
command not working in text controls (FIXED)
+ Bug 300539. Add ability to specify filter-path to build-options that
support browsing (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 300664. [GlobalActions] Make 'Build All' retargetable (FIXED)
+ Bug 302286. [Metadata] ui.examples.fieldassist does not have
qualifier on version (FIXED)
+ Bug 302297. [EditorMgmt] Editor association seems broken in Helios (FIXED)
+ Bug 302845. [EditorMgmt] Changing the sort order in Switch to Editor
makes it lose its selection (FIXED)
+ Bug 303290. Typo in JFace ToolBarManager (FIXED)
+ Bug 303344. OpenWithMenu unnecessarily downcasts to WorkbenchPage (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

Paul Webster
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