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[platform-ui-dev] adopting to the Bi-Directional world: how should we pass the information?

We recently had a number of discussions on how to deal with the Bi-Directional (BiDi) string processing.

In a nutshell, the scenario is:

- an editor or a view creates a label that says something like "C;\my.txt - version 1"
- in a BiDi language, we expect the text to be transposed so that it flows right-to-left, but the file name should stay left-to-right: "1 noisrev - C:\my.txt"

In many cases we have one portion of the code that knows what this string means (text + file name), but the code that puts the string on a display does not have this information.

Hence, the question: how should we pass the extra information about String's contents?

I opened an enhancement request


to see if we can arrive at some clever solution to this problem. If you have an idea please add your comments to that enhancement request.

Oleg Besedin