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[platform-ui-dev] I20100122-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 94796. [EditorMgmt] 'Save All Modified Resources' job is unnamed (FIXED)
+ Bug 193361. [EditorMgmt] Unexpected behaviour opening sample XML
editor (FIXED)
+ Bug 205043. [Commands] Dynamically loading plugin causes command
framework error (FIXED)
+ Bug 236104. [EditorMgmt] File association default needs to be set
twice to take effect (FIXED)
+ Bug 255556. [Contributions] Extension point
org.eclipse.ui.popupMenus has a typo: java.lang.object (FIXED)
+ Bug 262795. [Min/Max] Unmaximize editor area unreliable when editor
area is split (FIXED)
+ Bug 288624. [EditorMgmt] Mac: Error when browsing to external editor
and then launching (FIXED)
+ Bug 291069. [Commands] IWorkbenchCommandConstants should also define
command parameter ids (FIXED)
+ Bug 295803. [CommonNavigator] Source of Contribution set to lowest
priority NCE, not the NCE providing the children (FIXED)
+ Bug 296042. [Help] Add warnings for duplicate Context Sensitive Help
ids on UI elements when debug is enabled (FIXED)
+ Bug 296466. [GlobalActions] Can't remove 'Build All' from toolbar (FIXED)
+ Bug 296566. Use "subtle" icon decorators for Virtual Folders (FIXED)
+ Bug 296691. Change new Groups API to Virtual Resource API (FIXED)
+ Bug 296728. [CommonNavigator] Problem with enablement on
navigatorContent extension point (FIXED)
+ Bug 296748. [FieldAssist] remove the deprecated SimpleContentProposal (FIXED)
+ Bug 297271. [Undo] AbstractWorkspaceOperation and its subclasses
don't have @noextend API tags (FIXED)
+ Bug 298747. [EditorMgmt] Bidi Incorrect file type direction in
mirrored "Editor Selection" dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 299335. [Progress] Finished Tasks Still Show In Progress View (FIXED)
+ Bug 299438. [CommonNavigator] CNF viewer state non properly reset
when NCEs are activated or deactivated (FIXED)
+ Bug 299661. [CommonNavigator] Overridden hasChildren() broken. (FIXED)
+ Bug 299954. [Dialogs] FilteredItemsSelectionDialog prefix matches
are sorted before camel case matches (FIXED)
+ Bug 300012. [CommonNavigator] CNF test improvements (FIXED)
+ Bug 300032. [Markers] NPE in MarkerFieldFilterGroup.selectByScope (CLOSED)
+ Bug 300198. [CommonNavigator]
LabelProviderTest.testChangeActivation() fails (FIXED)
+ Bug 300212. [CommonNavigator] Popup menu items cannot be created in
Project Explorer using the Command Framework (WORKSFORME)
+ Bug 300220. [Undo] TriggeredOperations should implement
IAdvancedUndoableOperation2 (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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