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[platform-ui-dev] M20100113-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 285095. [Viewers] New column scrolling breaks on first cell
selection if you have scrolled the table (NEW)
+ Bug 289090. [CommonNavigator] labels are missing (FIXED)
+ Bug 293235. [backport][Import/Export] Timestamps updated on archive
export and on project import (FIXED)
+ Bug 295557. [KeyBindings] Exporting key preferences to CSV does not
allow context being null (FIXED)
+ Bug 296253. [CommonNavigator] An empty label is not properly shown
when it is the only contributed label (FIXED)
+ Bug 299246. [CommonNavigator] Add model objects for new CNF tests (FIXED)
+ Bug 299249. [CommonNavigator] Add ResourceWrapperContent/Label
provider for new CNF tests (FIXED)
+ Bug 299251. [CommonNavigator] Model label and content providers for
additional pipeline CNF tests (FIXED)
+ Bug 299255. [CommonNavigator] Hook new CNF tests to plugin.xml (FIXED)
+ Bug 299304. [CommonNavigator] Test contribution for CNF (FIXED)
+ Bug 299322. [CommonNavigator] Test contribution for CNF (FIXED)
+ Bug 299324. [CommonNavigator] Add new test Pipeline content provider (FIXED)
+ Bug 299325. [CommonNavigator] Add plugin.xml configuration for new
pipeline tests (FIXED)
+ Bug 299326. [CommonNavigator] Add new test for CNF pipelining (FIXED)
+ Bug 299331. [CommonNavigator] Compile errors in new CNF tests (FIXED)
+ Bug 299340. [CommonNavigator] Enable new CNF tests (FIXED)
+ Bug 299345. [CommonNavigator] Move expanded HEAD CNF tests to 3.5.2 (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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