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[platform-ui-dev] +1 for Ovidio Mallo on eclipse.platform

+1 from me.

I can\'t speak for the general code quality of Ovidio\'s patches since I\'m
not familiar with the databinding comment but the presence of tests in his
patches nets major brownie points from me. I particularly liked [1]. :) He
is also cautious of API rules and writes detailed javadoc (with @since
tags!) for any new APIs that he proposes.

Ovidio also remains engaged in bugs months after they have been filed and
is not afraid to nag us.[2] ;)

I look forward to picking Ovidio\'s brain for any databinding problems I
may have in the future...uh, I mean, I look forward to working with Ovidio.

And thank you for the list of bugs, Matt.

[1] -
[2] -

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