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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20091201-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 58474. [EditorMgmt] typo in IEditorReference.getName (FIXED)
+ Bug 60574. [Javadoc][EditorMgmt] IWorkbenchPage.getEditors() and .getViews() need explaining (FIXED)
+ Bug 126622. [ViewMgmt] WorkbenchPage.resizeView is marked as experimental (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 126705. [Preferences] FileFieldEditor does not call doCheckState (FIXED)
+ Bug 253232. [Trim] locationURI "before" and "after" don't work for status trim (FIXED)
+ Bug 257185. [Contributions] Some submenus are still visible (FIXED)
+ Bug 270092. [CellEditors] [cell editors] TextCellEditor should not specify minimum size (FIXED)
+ Bug 272070. [EditorMgmt] [Perspectives] Close Perspective is not honoring isSaveOnCloseNeeded behavior. (FIXED)
+ Bug 272884. [EditorMgmt] IWorkbenchPage#openEditors(IEditorInput[], ..) should add editors at front of MRU list (FIXED)
+ Bug 278939. [Perspectives] Grammar mistake in message. (FIXED)
+ Bug 282631. [Intro] introProductBinding elements attributes should allow to select / validate available products and intro IDs (FIXED)
+ Bug 283449. [Jobs] Add ability to temporarily yield a Job so that blocked jobs are given a chance to execute. (REOPENED)
+ Bug 283898. [DnD] EditorSiteDragAndDropServiceImpl should remove MergedDropTarget as listener when control gets disposed (FIXED)
+ Bug 286000. [FastView] NPE in FastViewPane$2.setState (was: File Search doesn't work in 3.5.0) (FIXED)
+ Bug 292091. [KeyBindings] Set extension point "org.eclipse.ui.bindings" 's element 'sequenceModifier' becomes disabled key bindings. (FIXED)
+ Bug 292322. [Viewers] Tree view is removing + indicator when one of multiple children is removed. (FIXED)
+ Bug 292525. [Markers] Code clean up in markers view. (NEW)
+ Bug 293433. [Contributions] CoolBarManager needs to dispose the items' controls in dispose(CoolItem) (FIXED)
+ Bug 293512. [Workbench] Make IWorkbench into an OSGi service (FIXED)
+ Bug 294210. [Contributions] 'Customize Perspective > Tool Bar Visibility' breaks with Separator (FIXED)
+ Bug 294303. [Markers] 'Queuing Viewer Updates' in Problems view (NEW)
+ Bug 294790. [KeyBindings] LegacyActionTools should support SWT.F13 - F20 (FIXED)
+ Bug 294796. [Contributions] API request: LegacyActionTools#escapeMnemonics(String) (FIXED)
+ Bug 294959. [Markers] Problems view shows outdated content (NEW)
+ Bug 296056. Deadlock between syncExec and IJobManager.beginRule (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:


Oleg Besedin

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