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[platform-ui-dev] Component area changes


Some of you may have noticed that we have updated the component area document (and our triage script), see

In addition to redistributing the component areas that Kevin owned, I decided that I needed more time to focus on e4, and thus reassigned the component areas that I owned to other team members. I am of course still available for questions - please add me to the cc list of bugs that you think I should be aware of.

Here is a list of component areas for which we are changing responsibilities:

Decorators (35 bugs): Kevin->Oleg
EditorMgmt (415): Boris->Remy
ErrorHandling (51): Kevin->Susan
Graphics (8): Kevin->Susan
LinkedResources (31): Boris->Oleg
Mac (35): Boris->Prakash
Metadata (10): Boris->Paul
OpenModes (8): Boris->Hitesh
QuickAccess (20): Boris->Remy
RCP (105): Boris->Prakash
Themes (56): Kevin->Susan
ViewMgmt (102): Boris->Remy
Viewers (296): Boris->Hitesh
Wizards (105): Kevin->Prakash
WorkbenchLauncher (79): Boris->Prakash

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me directly. For those on the receiving end... I will move bugs one component area at a time, to not overwhelm everyone with notification emails. We did discuss if we should ask the webmaster for a time window where no notifications would be sent but decided against it. We felt that the number of notification emails for any single user wouldn't be too bad, and wanted to be transparent about the fact that the responsibilities have changed.

Also, this is not meant to increase the work load dramatically - all it means is that some will now have more bugs they are watching. If you are responsible for a component area, it means that you need to assess incoming bugs, keep an eye on the list of bugs as a whole, and answer questions asked on the bug. We are still prioritizing bugs as usual: If it's a crash, loss of data, a regression, or makes us look really stupid, we need to fix it. Otherwise, we'll be fixing bugs according to what's on our current plan.


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