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Re: [platform-ui-dev] 3.x bugs that might represent e4 requirements?

well, that makes sense.
(I don't know why I wanted to make it more special than that!)

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Subject: Re: [platform-ui-dev] 3.x bugs that might represent e4 requirements?

Hi Susan,

In similar cases, we've been using the "4.0" target milestone to mark
bugs for consideration in 4.0.


On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 11:47 AM, Susan Franklin McCourt
<susan_franklin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi, everyone.
> Do we have a process for identifying platform UI bugs submitted against the
> 3.x stream that would make good test cases/fixes in the context of e4?
> For example, I just responded on a bug [1] involving the initial
> size/position of a window, but fixing it would change the widget creation
> sequence in the JFace window framework. Since there is a workaround, I don't
> see fixing the bug. However, it's a perfectly reasonable bug and one would
> hope we would make it go away in e4. It's not something that needs to be
> considered this early in the design, just something we should have a test
> case for in the future.
> Should we be tagging these kinds of bugs in some way so that as e4 matures
> we can validate that these bugs are fixed?
> susan
> [1]
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