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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20090914-1300; another at 12:00 EDT

I ran all of the tests and they all passed.  I'll do another
submission at 12:00 for the 13:00 build

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 86248. [Commands] request: ctrl+pageup/down action doesn't have
item in preferences/keys (FIXED)
+ Bug 89606. [Viewers] Remove protected API added to support prototype
of grouping by working sets (WONTFIX)
+ Bug 226336. [progress] DeferredTreeContentManager update listener
misleading (FIXED)
+ Bug 229294. [Progress] Layout problems for items in
DetailedProgressViewer (FIXED)
+ Bug 231619. [PropertiesDialog] Open up the API for
org.eclipse.ui.internal.dialogs.PropertyDialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 251317. [Markers] [tasks view] Preferences page do not show
names both of  "Completed" and "Priority" colums in the table (NEW)
+ Bug 272474. [Markers] Problem view's Hide/Show columns preferences
dont work correctly (FIXED)
+ Bug 272564. [PropertiesView] need a mechanism for views to 'opt out'
of interactions with the property view (FIXED)
+ Bug 275018. [Markers] Problems View / Configure Contents dialog
should support rename (FIXED)
+ Bug 287103. [CommonNavigator] contentServiceLabelProvider doesn't
properly implement overrides (FIXED)
+ Bug 288154. [perfs] Comments applied for performance tests may be
obsolete (FIXED)
+ Bug 288352. [Contributions] WorkbenchMenuService calling
Display.syncExec() on disposed Display (FIXED)
+ Bug 288364. [KeyBindings] Exporting key preferences to CSV does not
warn of overwriting file (FIXED)
+ Bug 288388. [ActivityMgmt] WorkbenchActivityHelper restrictArray is
returning NULL for objects failing the test "restrictUseOf(Object)"
+ Bug 288390. [Workbench] FileNotFoundException in test log makes it
particularly unreadable (FIXED)
+ Bug 288394. [MPE] MultiPageEditorSite does not remove properly its
KeyBindingService (FIXED)
+ Bug 288428. [DataBinding] Test failures in M20090902-0900 (FIXED)
+ Bug 289090. [CommonNavigator] labels are missing (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

Paul Webster
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