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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI Build Submission for 3.5.1

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 269172. [Contributions] WorkbenchMenuService calling Display.syncExec() on disposed Display (FIXED)
+ Bug 273112. [Markers] Use 'bottom up' heap sort to optimize the Markers view (FIXED)
+ Bug 273495. [ActionSets] Actionsets leak when opening/closing perspectives (FIXED)
+ Bug 276162. [KeyBindings] Exporting key preferences to CSV does not warn of overwriting file (FIXED)
+ Bug 278550. [Databinding] ObservablesManager, ObservableTracker and MapSimpleValueObservableMap lead to exception (FIXED)
+ Bug 278734. [ActivityMgmt] WorkbenchActivityHelper restrictArray is returning NULL for objects failing the test "restrictUseOf(Object)" (FIXED)
+ Bug 281723. [Databinding] SWTException: Invalid thread access when binding in non-UI thread (FIXED)
+ Bug 282046. [MPE] MultiPageEditorSite does not remove properly its KeyBindingService (FIXED)
+ Bug 282690. [DataBinding] problems with disposed observables (FIXED)
+ Bug 283351. [DataBinding] Document ObservableListTreeContentProvider ObservableCollectionTreeContentProvider constructor realm restriction (FIXED)
+ Bug 283428. [DataBinding] ViewerSupport.bind() cannot be called multiple times (FIXED)
+ Bug 284366. [DataBinding] ObservableValueEditingSupport sets model value 1st time even if not changed (FIXED)
+ Bug 285045. [IDE] TVT35:TCT330: CHS: Duplicate Mnemonic Keys on workspace pref page (FIXED)
+ Bug 286533. [DataBinding] Test failure in build N20090812-2000 (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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