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[platform-ui-dev] UI Build submission for 3.5.1 - Also Important Note

There are 3 projects I have found in the build submission that are not branched into the maintenance branch R3_5_maintenance:


These projects show their changes in the R3_5 branch (according to the release submission dialog).

(Also, many thanks to Prakesh who helped me figure out how to do this submission from the maintenance branch, thankfully the sun never sets on Eclipse UI committers)

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 107082. [Dialogs] npe in IconAndMessageDialog.getSWTImage(..) (FIXED)
+ Bug 189161. [WorkbenchLauncher] Splash javadoc nits (FIXED)
+ Bug 209333. [Trim] [Trim] NPE in IWorkbenchPage.setPartState(IWorkbenchPartReference, IWorkbenchPage.STATE_RESTORED); (FIXED) + Bug 209803. [Progress] Group job can't canceled with a single click of the cancel button (FIXED) + Bug 209804. [Progress] Job message in the group are not kept if they are sequential (FIXED)
+ Bug 224546. [ViewMgmt] Remove F2 from ShowViewDialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 225601. Adopt API tooling for UI bundles (FIXED)
+ Bug 239485. [Workbench] Better handling of ws/os specific code (FIXED)
+ Bug 251424. [DataBinding] Introduce ObservableTracker.setIgnored (FIXED)
+ Bug 255829. [JFace] Wrong types and methods used in org.eclipse.jface (FIXED) + Bug 256124. [Menu] Allow programatic additions to the menu system via the extension point (FIXED) + Bug 256556. [Progress] Possibly broken code in DetailedProgressViewer.setFocus (FIXED) + Bug 258729. [Metadata] Platform/UI plug-ins needs more project-specific settings (NEW) + Bug 266485. [ViewMgmt] PageSwitcher uses wrong parent when invoked from detached view (FIXED) + Bug 271690. [CommonNavigator] SWTException when doing a refactor rename in project explorer (FIXED) [this bug# incorrect, it was fixed in 3.5M7] + Bug 273112. [Markers] Use 'bottom up' heap sort to optimize the Markers view (FIXED)
+ Bug 277306. [Metadata] Fix the copyright issues (FIXED)
+ Bug 277926. [Commands] Command is not invoked when focus changes. (FIXED)
+ Bug 278550. [Databinding] ObservablesManager, ObservableTracker and MapSimpleValueObservableMap lead to exception (NEW) + Bug 278933. [Workbench] FileNotFoundException in test log makes it particularly unreadable (FIXED) + Bug 281623. [FastView] NPE in FastViewPane$2.setState (was: File Search doesn't work in 3.5.0) (FIXED) + Bug 281933. [Dialogs] Show Views Dialog and Windows Preference Dialog fail to open if SHOW_FILTERED_TEXTS is set to false (FIXED) + Bug 282874. [ViewMgmt] [ActivityMgmt] NullpointerException during saving state of view registry with disabled xp based activities (FIXED) + Bug 285794. Test failure on Linux: EvaluationServiceTest.testRestriction (NEW)

The following projects have changed:

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