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[platform-ui-dev] Fwd: [platform-releng-dev] [eclipse-build]Build I20090806-0100 (Timestamp: 200908060100):Compile errors in build

This was mainly my fault, trying to get the build submission in for
the 6pm build without the releng tools, and subsequently with not
enough checking, but:

I made the assumption that there are no unreleased changes in HEAD, as
described at
under milestone week: "During milestone week, we cannot release
changes into HEAD unless it is a bug that would make it a NO GO. This
is to stabilize the development, and to enable the person who is doing
the build submissions to do so without having to create a branch
during that week."

This seems like a good opportunity to remind everyone that the process
described on the wiki page is what we should all follow. Note that
some of the rules may seem arbitrary, but they exist for a reason.
Sometimes - as in this case - the rules are needed because of
peculiarities of the specific tools we use (i.e. CVS). Of course, feel
free to ask if you have any questions, or if you see opportunities for


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From: Boris Bokowski <bokowski@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 10:32 AM
Subject: Re: [platform-releng-dev] [eclipse-build]Build I20090806-0100
(Timestamp: 200908060100):Compile errors in build
To: "Eclipse platform release engineering list."

Apologies for this... looks like we have changes that were committed
to HEAD during a milestone week that were not meant to go into M1, and
I did not check carefully enough that my build submission only
contained the change I wanted to make.

I am updating our map file now and would like to request a rebuild at
the next convenient time (for example, 8 am Eastern if a build is
scheduled, or some time after that if builds are on request only).


On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 8:54 AM, <eclipse-releng@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Build I20090806-0100 (Timestamp: 200908060100):  Compile errors in build.  See attached compile logs.
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