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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI conf call notes


- testing, bug triage
- Changes targeted for RC2 (and affecting production code) currently:
- [Commands] Cascading menus clear before closing.
- Dialog to cancel history pruning on shutdown needs polish
- [CommonNavigator] Window close throws exception in ObservableCollectionTreeContentProvider

Note that RC2 will be shipping this week. Today (Tuesday) is a test day, we can fix bugs tomorrow (Wednesday), which we should verify on Thursday so that we can give our GO as early as possible. The rules of engagement right now requires a review by two other committers for non-doc changes.

JavaDoc changes can still go into RC3, but not later than that please. Doc changes are OK for RC4, but only safe changes please, and not for the last scheduled build. Run the CHKPII tool, or find someone to do it for you, for doc changes during RC4.

Francis, you mentioned "a couple" of CNF bugs, but I only see one targeted for RC2 in Bugzilla. Can you please set the target milestone for the others as well?


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