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[platform-ui-dev] UI build submission 0511, minus databinding

The databinding junits had problems, see Bug 275691 [DataBinding] 2 NPEs when running tests on linux

I excluded all databinding projects for test and build.  The rest passed.  The following was released:

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 116284. [RCP] Performance Tests Failing: RCP rcp.performance.EmptyWorkbenchPerfTest#testRestore() [close] (FIXED)
+ Bug 253002. [Contributions] CompoundContributionItem disposes old items on show (FIXED)
+ Bug 262636. Hidden menu items are not updated on perspective switches (FIXED)
+ Bug 267454. [EditorMgmt] Editor dirty state not synchronized after workbench restart (REOPENED)
+ Bug 268533. [Viewers] Weird painting when using MOUSE_CLICK_ACTIVATION (FIXED)
+ Bug 270465. [ErrorHandling] SafeRunnableDialog layout needs polish (FIXED)
+ Bug 270795. [Contributions] [perfs] Regression on ObjectContributionsPerformance#testObjectContributions test (FIXED)
+ Bug 271339. [FieldAssist] Add CC text field content assist doesn't work as expected when narrowing suggestions (FIXED)
+ Bug 271744. [Viewers] [JFace] TreeViewer not closing CellEditors on Collapse (FIXED)
+ Bug 272528. [WorkingSets] AIOOBE when trying to remove breakpoint  by doubleclick on nearby line (FIXED)
+ Bug 273828. [Contributions] Regression (Widget is disposed) in CommandContributionItem (FIXED)
+ Bug 274618. [EditorMgmt] StackOverflowError for an editor with a NullEditorInput (FIXED)
+ Bug 275170. [ICU] Degradation comment for performance regression in CollatorPerformanceTest#testCollator (FIXED)
+ Bug 275171. [Contributions] Customize Perspective action breaks editor pinning action (FIXED)
+ Bug 275298. [About] IInstallationPageContainer and InstallationPage still claims to be experimental (FIXED)
+ Bug 275301. [Contributions] [Commands] NPE on startup if command id is not found (FIXED)
+ Bug 275509. [Viewers] Tree/TableViewer with cell navigation is not accessible (FIXED)
+ Bug 275672. [Metadata] [ui] need the ability to patch ide and ide.application (FIXED)
+ Bug 275678. [Dialogs][EditorMgmt] Revert usage of new openEditors API (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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