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[platform-ui-dev] RC1 and on

We are now in the eclipse end game.

Especially note,

All bugs must be reviewed by another committer before being checked
in.  From John: "We usually do this by attaching a patch on the bug,
and then asking another committer to look at it. A nice way to keep
track of this is to set the "review" bugzilla flag to "?" and then
enter the name of the committer to review. Then the commiter just has
to switch the flag from "?" to "+" when they have reviewed it. This
also makes it easy to query for all open bugs awaiting review."

As usual, we're on irc:// and you can post
questions to this list.

You should also be picking up the latest successful I build (they are
run every night at 20:00 EDT, )


Paul Webster
Hi floor.  Make me a sammich! - GIR

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