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[platform-ui-dev] Re: first phase of ResourceNavigator end of life is done

applications out there that use it (or at least used to). My suggestion for
an orderly death would be:

- Deprecate all APIs immediately but leave everything in place.
- Make sure none of the SDK perspectives contain the Navigator in their
default layout.
- Advertise that it is deprecated and encourage people to move to CNF
- Immediately after the 3.5 release, split the navigator view and APIs out
of org.eclipse.ui.ide into a separate plug-in.
- At some point remove this plug-in from the platform feature (perhaps in
3.6, or else in 4.0). org.eclipse.ui.ide version would need to bump to 4.0
at this point.

This way the view is still available for people who still need it for
whatever reason. And, with the slightly higher bar of having it in a
separate bundle outside the platform, there will be strong incentive for
people to move to the Project Explorer.

Note there are likely bits and pieces of API outside the navigator API
package that will also need deprecating. IPageLayout.ID_RES_NAV comes to
mind, for example.

Next step: orderly death of the package explorer  :)

hmm now i have a Navigator and a Package explorer side by side in almost all my perspectives

Will this mean that when you kill both that i have to use a single view (because you cant have multiply copies of the project explorer in 1 perspective)
to do the same thing?

For example Package explorer does filter quite a lot of files that i sometimes just have to go to. Or i dont want that packages type of viewing for a certain file
Now i just take 1 of the 2.

So to have this behavior in 1 View, the project explorer, we should really have a very very quick way of switching between packages view and just resource view in side that Project explorer and then not what i have to do now, through menu's and dialogs and checkboxes and ok buttons...


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