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[platform-ui-dev] Build submisison for I20090308-2000

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 11001. [Perspectives] DCR: Would like configurable "per perspective" editor sharing (FIXED)
+ Bug 71387. [ActivityMgmt]  Activity API needs to log parsing errors to workbench log (FIXED)
+ Bug 134526. [Contributions] popupMenus ext point support for part input (was: Support Quick Diff menu contributions to annotate bar) (FIXED)
+ Bug 150626. [Import/Export] Create working sets when importing several projects. (FIXED)
+ Bug 151711. [Commands] [IDE] Make QuickMenuAction API (FIXED)
+ Bug 162102. [Workbench] User configurability for MAX_RECENT_WORKSPACES (FIXED)
+ Bug 168682. [Perspectives] Externalized error message in PerspectiveRegistry (FIXED)
+ Bug 183602. [EditorMgmt] provide API for restoring multiple editors without materialization (FIXED)
+ Bug 186025. [Viewers] Virtual Manager should be cleared when Viewer is disposed (FIXED)
+ Bug 200214. [Viewers] TreeViewer performance issues (FIXED)
+ Bug 213848. [DataBinding] WritableSet behaves different to WritableList (FIXED)
+ Bug 217974. [Trim] [PerspectiveBar] Unable to close an "absent" perspective (FIXED)
+ Bug 218127. [CommonNavigator] Common Navigator inherited viewer bindings (FIXED)
+ Bug 218673. [DataBinding] SWTUtil should use timerExec(0,...) rather than asyncExec (FIXED)
+ Bug 221977. [IDE] [RCP] Use of Project Explorer in RCP requires internal IDE class WorkbenchAdapterBuilder (FIXED)
+ Bug 221980. [Contributions] [Contributions] MenuItems with style radio are not initialized in context menu (FIXED)
+ Bug 228022. [CommonNavigator] Need more priority levels to avoid clashes of content providers (FIXED)
+ Bug 230955. [Viewers] Keyboard navigation and Scrolling Column into view (FIXED)
+ Bug 232777. [Viewers] ViewerDropAdapter holds currentTarget forever (FIXED)
+ Bug 235859. [DataBinding] MultiValidator: Add support for dependencies other than those expressed by IObservables (FIXED)
+ Bug 241208. [Markers] [Problems View] Restore Defaults is not working in the preferences (FIXED)
+ Bug 243165. [ErrorHandling] [StatusHandling] Fatal error appears twice when reported from JOB (FIXED)
+ Bug 244354. [CommonNavigator] ProjectExplorer property page incorrectly given in the non-resource use of CN (FIXED)
+ Bug 246162. [Commands] [Services] Make IWorkbenchLocationService public (NEW)
+ Bug 246224. [Contributions] Accessing SharedImages in plugin.xml (for ex. org.eclipse.ui.menus) (NEW)
+ Bug 251575. [Viewers] TableViewer support for virtual selection (FIXED)
+ Bug 252293. [CommonNavigator] LabelProviders do not obey override rules (FIXED)
+ Bug 255136. [Commands] [Services] IEvaluationReference needs to remove its provisional API claim (FIXED)
+ Bug 255793. [CommonNavigator] [CNF] Chosen label provider should match content provider (FIXED)
+ Bug 255849. [Metadata] Wrong types and methods used in org.eclipse.ui.workbench (FIXED)
+ Bug 256656. [FieldAssist] cancel auto activation of proposal popup when caret moved (FIXED)
+ Bug 257598. [CommonNavigator] Missing capabilities support for actions provided by the CNF (FIXED)
+ Bug 258192. [DataBinding] Observable for objects the use JFace's IPropertyChangeListener (FIXED)
+ Bug 258679. [Undo] NPE in OperationHistoryActionHandler$HistoryListener when deleting multiple unsaved Java editors (FIXED)
+ Bug 259952. [Preferences] Duplicated text when using tooltip in BooleanFieldEditor (FIXED)
+ Bug 262615. [Commands] Add test for TextActionHandler (FIXED)
+ Bug 264030. [IDE] Platform UI refrences update.configurator (FIXED)
+ Bug 264039. [Wizards] Selecting a project type in the New > Other dialog resizes the list box and obscures the selected item (FIXED)
+ Bug 264102. [CommonNavigator] CommonSorter should use ViewerComparator instead of ViewerSorter (WONTFIX)
+ Bug 264650. [Viewers] [JFace] Java doc for TreeSelection is wrong (FIXED)
+ Bug 264818. [Markers] Problems view: Status line shows wrong selection count summary (FIXED)
+ Bug 265049. [CommonNavigator] ClassCastException from WorkingSetFilterActionGroup (that should not happen) (FIXED)
+ Bug 265253. [About] The class information in schemas is wrong (FIXED)
+ Bug 265317. [CommonNavigator] LabelProvider disposal handling not correct (FIXED)
+ Bug 265381. [CommonNavigator] Could not acquire INavigatorContentService from part ("Welcome"). (FIXED)
+ Bug 265425. [Workbench] Finalize API for Platform constants in org.eclipse.jface.util.Util (FIXED)
+ Bug 265813. [StatusHandling]Reduce the incompatibility between status dialog and  jface ErrorDialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 266018. ColorsAndFontsPreferencePage should set widthHint in createDescriptionControl (FIXED)
+ Bug 266177. [About] selecting a tree element and hitting CTRL+A results in NPE (FIXED)
+ Bug 266295. [Contributions] ShowInContext.getSelection() should only be called when needed (FIXED)
+ Bug 266485. [ViewMgmt] PageSwitcher uses wrong parent when invoked from detached view (FIXED)
+ Bug 266677. [CommonNavigator] ConcurrentModificationException when customizing view while checking out a project (FIXED)
+ Bug 266769. [CommonNavigator] Reorg test identifiers (FIXED)
+ Bug 266790. [CommonNavigator] Update API metadata (FIXED)
+ Bug 266862. [CommonNavigator] Unused copy of QuickMenuAction in common navigator (FIXED)
+ Bug 266894. [CommonNavigator] CCE thrown in CommonSorterDescriptor (FIXED)
+ Bug 267117. [JFace] Provide possibility for subclasses to check if a column is visible in ViewerRow (FIXED)
+ Bug 267242. [JFace] Add API to configure table and tree columns in a keyboard-accessible way (FIXED)
+ Bug 267360. org.eclipse.core.databinding.observable should be set up for API tooling (FIXED)
+ Bug 267451. [DataBinding] AggregateValidationStatus illegally implements IObservableValue (FIXED)
+ Bug 267470. [Navigator] Deprecate the ResourceNavigator (FIXED)
+ Bug 267477. After splitting a plug-in, am now getting six API errors (NEW)

The following projects have changed:

There were a number of baseline errors; I'll check these with a proper 3.4.2 build tomorrow and open defects if necessary.

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