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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20090303-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 54581. [GlobalActions] Provide API constants for actionDefinitionIDs/commandIDs (FIXED)
+ Bug 57762. [Dialogs] honor the platform button dismissal alignment on Mac and GTK (FIXED)
+ Bug 151711. [Commands] [IDE] Make QuickMenuAction API (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 201663. [WorkingSets] [WorkingSets] Working set selection dialog in Project Explorer has conflicting mnemonic keys (FIXED)
+ Bug 225601. Adopt API tooling for UI bundles (FIXED)
+ Bug 226746. [Commands] Handler updates UI using wrong selection after right-click in different view (FIXED)
+ Bug 227544. [DataBinding] provisional internal packages should be tagged as x-internal:= true (FIXED)
+ Bug 230270. [DataBinding] Ignore internal implementers/extenders of @noimplement/@noextend interfaces (FIXED)
+ Bug 240697. [DataBinding] StringToNumberConverter extends non-API type NumberFormatConverter (FIXED)
+ Bug 258772. [DataBinding] Eliminate deprecated API filters (FIXED)
+ Bug 263693. [DataBinding] Remove dead / deprecated APIs (FIXED)
+ Bug 263845. [CommonNavigator] Drag/drop folder from non-Java Proj to Java Proj does copy instead of move sometimes (FIXED)
+ Bug 263855. [Import/Export] [Wizards] Request Project Import Wizard allow for an initial / pre-populated path (FIXED)
+ Bug 264845. [Contributions] WorkbenchServiceRegistry fails with ArrayStoreException (FIXED)
+ Bug 264954. [DataBinding] Properties.observableValue() for observing IObservableValue#value (FIXED)
+ Bug 265180. Preferences: Change 'Enable colored labels' to 'styled' (FIXED)
+ Bug 265317. [CommonNavigator] LabelProvider disposal handling not correct (FIXED)
+ Bug 265727. [DataBinding] MultiListProperty and UnionSetProperty (FIXED)
+ Bug 266062. [DataBinding] Observable<List|Set>[Tree]ContentProvider should be tagged @noextend (FIXED)
+ Bug 266137. [Commands] test failure in testWorkbenchProvider (NEW)
+ Bug 266263. Quick Access dialog does not honor 'Use mixed fonts and colors for labels' preference (FIXED)
+ Bug 266345. [Progress] WorkbenchSiteProgressServiceTest's testWaitCursor() is failing (NEW)
+ Bug 266659. [StatusHandling] Minimalize WSDM API changes (FIXED)
+ Bug 266699. [CommonNavigator] Remove CommonDropAdapter.setCurrentOperation (FIXED)
+ Bug 266738. Failure in testTrackOutline (NEW)

The following projects have changed:

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