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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20090224-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 121110. [DataBinding] null value for model-side Date property causes NPE (FIXED)
+ Bug 214532. [JFace] Open up the API for org.eclipse.jface.layout.AbstractColumnLayout (FIXED)
+ Bug 239945. [Coolbar] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException -1 in CoolBarManager.update (FIXED)
+ Bug 242388. [FastView] Unhandled event loop exception: NPE in ToolBarManager.update (NEW)
+ Bug 246875. [About] allow for an extensible About dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 255172. [Import/Export] Warning message in the import wizard is not so helpful (FIXED)
+ Bug 255447. [CellEditors] DecoratingStyledCellLabelProviderTest appears to leak TextLayout (FIXED)
+ Bug 259557. [Commands] Unexpected exception thrown in org.eclipse.ui.internal.handlers.HandlerAuthority.processChangedCommands( (FIXED)
+ Bug 259954. [Import/Export] Warning should be displayed when no projects are available in the archive/directory (FIXED)
+ Bug 260892. [CellEditors] NPE from ColumnViewerEditor caused by showing a dialog during modify (FIXED)
+ Bug 264312. [Contributions] Contributed toolbar items lost (FIXED)
+ Bug 264440. [DataBinding] Turn on save actions to format source on save (NEW)
+ Bug 264619. [DataBinding] observeDetail() on anonymous bean property should infer value type if unspecified (FIXED)
+ Bug 265051. [DataBinding] TableViewer shows empty row when adding item to list (FIXED)
+ Bug 265062. [DataBinding] TreeStructureAdvisor.hasChildren() documentation is misleading (FIXED)
+ Bug 265064. [DataBinding] BeanSetProperty.Listener should check the property name before computing a diff (FIXED)
+ Bug 265134. [JFace] StyledString.setStyle bolds too much (FIXED)
+ Bug 265159. [Import/Export] When user double clicks on an item in the Import Wizard 2 calls are made to showPage (FIXED)
+ Bug 265374. [KeyBindings] Compiler error on BindingManagerTest on I20090217-2200 (FIXED)
+ Bug 265440. Missing @since tags on latest committed JFace code (FIXED)
+ Bug 265449. PropertySheetPage leaks PartListener (FIXED)
+ Bug 265754. Javadoc for the AbstractUIPlugin stop method talks about shutdown, rather than stop (FIXED)
+ Bug 265812. [StatusHandling] Add @noextend to the WSDM (FIXED)
+ Bug 265856. [Viewers] TreeViewer Widget Dispose Error (FIXED)
+ Bug 265878. [DataBinding] Compile errors ("never used locally") in tests and examples (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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