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Re: [platform-ui-dev] resource navigator

Daniel Megert wrote on 02/05/2009 12:39:12 PM:

> >Next step: orderly death of the package explorer :)
> Not so fast ;-) The Package Explorer is especially tuned for the Java case.
> There are still features missing and there are performance issues. Those
> who really want the CN can replace it in the Java perspectives but of
> course I would expect perspectives that mix tooling/languages use the CN
> per default.

I was partly joking of course. But, I have been using the Project Explorer exclusively in my Java perspective for the 3.5 cycle and I have to say it's getting pretty close (thanks to the great work of Francis and others). I suspect the package explorer will always be one step ahead, but it would be great if we could make a generic view as powerful as the specialized ones, and cut down on the large number of specialized navigator-like views still out there in products.


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