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[platform-ui-dev] maintenance build submission 20081203-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 177337. Make nested services API (FIXED)
+ Bug 229127. [Services] Provide the IWorkbenchLocationService (FIXED)
+ Bug 251604. [Contributions] MenuService registry changes causes CME
+ Bug 252484. [ViewMgmt] View becomes disabled and completly
nonfunctional (FIXED)
+ Bug 253174. [Contributions] Contributions to the status trim bar are
never disposed. (FIXED)
+ Bug 255053. [Viewers] NPE in ColumnViewerToolTipSupport (FIXED)
+ Bug 256293. [Contributions] [regression]
IElementUpdater.updateElement() - IWorkbenchPartSite service not in
scope of provided UIElement (FIXED)
+ Bug 256314. [Contributions] Accelerators in menus are not installed
until menu shown (FIXED)
+ Bug 256464. [Import/Export] ILeveledImportStructureProvider interface
is not declared public (FIXED)
+ Bug 256924. [About] About dialog text - Add capability to read system
properties (FIXED)
+ Bug 256926. [About] About dialog does not change about.mappings for
dynamic product (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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