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[platform-ui-dev] Platform-UI iBuild submission

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 182122. [Dialogs]
CheckedTreeSelectionDialog#createSelectionButtons(Composite) fails to
align the selection buttons to the right (FIXED)
+ Bug 192633. [FieldAssist] auto-activated proposal popup should be
closed when trigger character is removed (FIXED)
+ Bug 212501. [FieldAssist] ControlDecoration setImage doesn't properly
redraw (FIXED)
+ Bug 214716. [JFace] Incorrect validation in StringFieldEditor (FIXED)
+ Bug 230394. [JFace] MessageDialog.openQuestion() Javadoc (FIXED)
+ Bug 239141. [Mac] Application menu hook example needed (FIXED)
+ Bug 243612. [FieldAssist] Content assist does not work well with combo
box. (FIXED)
+ Bug 244959. Using relative ID "org.eclipse.ui.editorss" in Perspective
Extension gives warning (FIXED)
+ Bug 250133. [Contexts] ContextAction's leak when hiding actions sets
+ Bug 250136. [KeyBindings] Conflicts should be accessible through API
+ Bug 251280. [Dialogs] It's a PixelConverter party and everyone's
invited (FIXED)
+ Bug 252219. [DataBinding] [Databinding] Snippet000HelloWorld assume
the Person model is a bean but it's only a POJO... (FIXED)
+ Bug 252497. [WorkingSets] Image leak in Project Explorer context menu
+ Bug 252617. The dynamic test 'testMenuContribution' is throwing an
InvalidRegistryObjectException (FIXED)
+ Bug 252904. [Contributions] Contributions to the status trim bar are
never disposed. (FIXED)
+ Bug 252940. [Dialogs] DialogPage's dispose() method has a false
javadoc specification (FIXED)
+ Bug 253239. [PropertiesDialog] Wrong title for a file property (FIXED)
+ Bug 253773. [Viewers] Collapsed expandable nodes in a TreeViewer are
needlessly expensive (FIXED)
+ Bug 253979. [About] Remove dependency on update manager (FIXED)
+ Bug 254597. New UI project org.eclipse.ui.cocoa (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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