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[platform-ui-dev] I20081026-2000

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 11001. [Perspectives] DCR: Would like configurable "per perspective" editor sharing (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 38789. [Commands] parameters: Provide commands for the "Show In" menu items -- allowing key bindings (FIXED)
+ Bug 97786. [Viewers] - Lazy Virtual Table View Test - duplicate items appear after delete (FIXED)
+ Bug 134190. [JFace] NPE in StatusLine class (FIXED)
+ Bug 180392. [DataBinding] Add support for shorts, bytes, and BigDecimal to StringToNumberConverter (FIXED)
+ Bug 201391. [MPE] notifaction when active page of a MultiPageEditorPart changes (FIXED)
+ Bug 201441. [Undo] Undoing a deleted project with UTF-8 charset encoding raise an message error (FIXED)
+ Bug 217761. [Viewers] Widget is disposed when DecoratorManager tries to update Viewer that's gone (FIXED)
+ Bug 219901. [Undo] new file creation subjec to Undo (file deleted without warning) (FIXED)
+ Bug 223956. [Undo] Undoing a project delete re-assigns markers from the file to the project (REOPENED)
+ Bug 230349. [StatusHandling] Status label provider should not be disposed when its modality is switched (FIXED)
+ Bug 234345. [Viewers] AbstractTreeViewer#getChildren(Widget,Object[]) holds doc that it is experimental (FIXED)
+ Bug 236795. [JFace] SWT Exception creates endless cycle (CLOSED)
+ Bug 237856. [Wizards] [DataBinding] WizardPageSupport class should track the staleness state of relevant observables (FIXED)
+ Bug 241849. [Markers] Need a property tester to test the marker type of a MarkerEntry (FIXED)
+ Bug 242225. [Viewers] EditingSupport#setValue() doc (FIXED)
+ Bug 243347. [Wizards] TarFile should not throw NPE in finalize() (FIXED)
+ Bug 244246. [JFace] StatusLine#setCanceled method of IProgressMonitor interface requires UI Access (FIXED)
+ Bug 246105. [Dialogs] Title and description not layed out properly when title image is null (FIXED)
+ Bug 246462. [DataBinding] [Databinding] Extend ControlObservableValue to observe Size, Location, Bounds and Focus of a control (FIXED)
+ Bug 246700. [Metadata] Action 'style' attribute cannot be set to "pulldown" (FIXED)
+ Bug 246782. [DataBinding] observeDetail* methods in BeansObservables and PojoObservables should not take a realm argument (FIXED)
+ Bug 246875. [About] allow for an extensible About dialog (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 247720. [FieldAssist] Field Assist Example password field mixes chars with *'s (FIXED)
+ Bug 247818. [StatusHandling] WorkbenchStatusDialogManager should inform of dialog closure (FIXED)
+ Bug 249498. [Wizards] Increase size of Help Icon on wizards (FIXED)
+ Bug 251001. [Commands] Removed unused Action classes related to Update Manager (FIXED)
+ Bug 251003. [DataBinding] MultiValidator misses some dependencies (FIXED)
+ Bug 251193. closing the WorkbenchWindow causes the RectangleAnimation to fail (FIXED)
+ Bug 251257. [Contributions] IAction.setImageDescriptor() javadoc needs to note "image vs. checked" platform discrepancy (FIXED)
+ Bug 251444. [Contributions] MenuService registry changes causes CME (FIXED)
+ Bug 251568. javadoc warnings in N20081020-2000 (FIXED)
+ Bug 251796. [Contributions] [Metadata] menu element labeled by mnemonic instead of label (FIXED)
+ Bug 251884. [DataBinding] applyTo() methods in SetDiff, ListDiff and MapDiff (FIXED)
+ Bug 251995. [LinkedResources] Error logged when opening Properties dlg on a Linked Resource folder involving a path variable (FIXED)
+ Bug 251996. [Workbench] WorkbenchLabelProvider leaks (FIXED)
+ Bug 251997. [Wizards] StackOverflowError in WizardsRegistryReader (FIXED)
+ Bug 252117. [DataBinding] ListBinding does not update from model to target in some cases (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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