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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI build submission for I20080507-2000

the file has been updated to address:

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 62789. [Themes] Colors and Fonts page does not show selected font (FIXED)
+ Bug 97553. [WorkingSets] odd behaviour with select/deselect all buttons (FIXED)
+ Bug 107799. [Workbench] API for workbench settings (FIXED)
+ Bug 218703. [LinkedResources] linked folder / file wizards fills error log with errors (FIXED)
+ Bug 224357. BIDI3.4:HCG Incomplete mirroring of the Outline view (FIXED)
+ Bug 227107. [MPE] Next/Previous Page commands: Popup for multi-page editors dislocated (FIXED)
+ Bug 227983. [Viewers] FilteredItemsSelectionDialog should obey colored labels preference (FIXED)
+ Bug 228017. StyledCellLabelProvider wastes CPU in TableItem#getBounds(..) even if owner draw disabled (FIXED)
+ Bug 228616. [KeyBindings] Show View Menu command should not open view menu when dialog is up (FIXED)
+ Bug 228717. [KeyBindings] "Alt + Enter" does not open breakpoint properties (FIXED)
+ Bug 230179. [JFace] Configure Columns dialog does not use dialog font (FIXED)
+ Bug 230218. [JFace] Test failures in PresentationsTestSuite and RCP Tests (FIXED)
+ Bug 230420. [ActivityMgmt] The ignoring of default enabling _expression_ enabled activities should be logged (FIXED)
+ Bug 230879. Bad test in PlatformUITest (FIXED)
+ Bug 230970. [ViewMgmt] NPE in view code should not prevent closing it (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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