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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20080425-1551

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 13895. [Markers] Cannot resize table columns with keyboard or change sort order (FIXED) + Bug 38662. [Viewers] Accessibility: unable to resize a table column using keyboard only (FIXED) + Bug 86268. [About] About dialog plug-ins and features tables do not meet accessibility requirements (FIXED)
+ Bug 136698. [Preferences] Cannot resize sash using keyboard (FIXED)
+ Bug 155273. [Markers] Visibility of problems view columns should be configurable (FIXED) + Bug 160329. [Progress] DetailedProgressViewer needs to limit resources (FIXED) + Bug 170161. [Themes] Font Preview is not visible in HighContrast mode (FIXED)
+ Bug 197446. getVisibleItemCount() in a table (FIXED)
+ Bug 205474. [Themes] The wrong default font is loaded when you specify a different theme. (FIXED) + Bug 206584. [Commands] Memory leak after closing a Workbenchwindow in a RCP Application (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 210750. [StatusHandling] StatusDialog needs tests (FIXED)
+ Bug 215672. [WorkbenchParts] The Workbench's SaveablesList contained some null Saveable and caused NullPointerException (NEW) + Bug 220841. [Views] ClassCastException when platform cast from ResourceSorter to ResourceComparator. 3.2 to 3.3 upward compatability issue. (FIXED) + Bug 222107. [WorkbenchLauncher] Switching workspaces crashes eclipse (ASSIGNED) + Bug 222153. Test failure (Invalid registry object) in N20080310-0010 (FIXED) + Bug 222750. [ViewMgmt] Placeholder folders are lost when multi- instance views are dragged (FIXED) + Bug 223056. [StatusHandling] Status dialog does not resize nicely (FIXED) + Bug 224681. [Viewers] jface: StackOverflow using Lazy TreeViewer content provider (FIXED)
+ Bug 226972. [Mac] move CarbonUIEnhancer to an internal package (FIXED)
+ Bug 227336. View menu item doesn't provide a name for screen reader (NEW) + Bug 227544. [DataBinding] provisional internal packages should be tagged as x-internal:= true (FIXED)
+ Bug 227773. FilteredTree: wrong message for accessibility (FIXED)
+ Bug 227868. [Progress] NPE in ProgressManagerUtil$ (FIXED) + Bug 227973. [WorkbenchParts] Variables view is empty until first activation (FIXED) + Bug 228006. [Markers] Marker generation should not run on shutdown (FIXED) + Bug 228120. [ActivityMgmt] Expression controlled Activities aren't correctly synchronized with the enabledList if they are enabled directly from the beginning (FIXED) + Bug 228204. [StatusHandling] NPE in WorkbenchStatusDialogManager.openStatusDialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 228475. [StatusHandling] "Bug" in status dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 228786. [Contributions] Unable to invoke contributed popup menu items - exception in log (FIXED) + Bug 228863. [WorkbenchParts] ConcurrentModificationException in org.eclipse.ui.workbench (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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