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[platform-ui-dev] Submission for I20080422-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 88098. [Graphics] Some icons may be obsolete in the workbench (FIXED) + Bug 152473. [TabbedProperties] Registry does not support unkown categories (FIXED) + Bug 177669. [Viewers] AbstractTreeViewer.setAutoExpandLevel has an off-by-1 error (FIXED) + Bug 186022. [KeyBindings] keybindings don't work for legacy actions in multipage editors (FIXED) + Bug 198283. [WorkbenchParts] Assert.isTrue(activePartReference != ref) hit although no actrive editor open (FIXED) + Bug 204489. [Contributions] Need methods to notify show/hide toolbar and statusline to ActionBarAdvisor (FIXED) + Bug 206584. [Commands] Memory leak after closing a Workbenchwindow in a RCP Application (ASSIGNED) + Bug 214560. [MPE] MultiPageEditorPart setFocus gives error if no pages (FIXED) + Bug 216483. [Commands] [Contributions] HandlerProxy should ask for refresh of IElementUpdater when loading handler (FIXED) + Bug 217940. [Databinding] Unneeded Messages in org/eclipse/core/ internal/databinding/ (FIXED) + Bug 218054. [Contributions] ActionFactory.OPEN_NEW_WINDOW needs to be converted (FIXED) + Bug 219184. [Commands] [Commands] IHandler#dispose is never called (FIXED)
+ Bug 221914. [Workbench] Need enhancement to WorkbenchPage API (FIXED)
+ Bug 222107. [WorkbenchLauncher] Switching workspaces crashes eclipse (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 222331. [Commands] commandImages update for org.eclipse.ui (FIXED)
+ Bug 222804. [QuickAccess] Quick access to open perspective failed with event loop exception (FIXED) + Bug 223299. [Commands] org .eclipse .ui incorrectly returns true when evaluate (FIXED) + Bug 223388. [Commands] Ensure all sources use UNDEFINED_VARIABLE (FIXED) + Bug 223880. [KeyBindings] Command keybinding enabled even though action is disabled (FIXED) + Bug 224422. [JFace] ImageDescriptor.createFromURL should use faster image loading (REOPENED) + Bug 224584. [Decorators] 'More Specific File Icons' decorator name not clear (FIXED) + Bug 224682. [Contributions] WorkbenchMenuService leaks editors after auto-closing (FIXED) + Bug 224865. [Metadata] Fix inadvertent deletions of metadata in schema files (FIXED) + Bug 224951. [MPE] MultiPageEditorPart.pageChange() removes focus from SharedHeaderFormEditor's header (FIXED)
+ Bug 225370. [Viewers] remove SimpleStyledCellLabelProvider (FIXED)
+ Bug 226217. [Perspectives] [ViewMgmt] createView called without corresponding releaseView (FIXED)
+ Bug 226277. project explorer should support colored labels (FIXED)
+ Bug 226718. [PerspectiveBar] problem with the Perspective Switcher/ Bar (FIXED) + Bug 226809. [ActivityMgmt] Forbid to add activities to the enabled list which are originally disabled (FIXED) + Bug 227023. [TabbedProperties][ACC] section header has a fixed font size (FIXED)
+ Bug 227327. fix labels in the Editor Selection dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 227617. UI failures in N20080416-2000 appear to be caused by SWT changes (FIXED)
+ Bug 227657. [StatusHandling] Support tray icon missing (FIXED)
+ Bug 227659. [StatusHandling] Support tray broken (FIXED)
+ Bug 227661. [StatusHandling] Support tray broken for single errors, shows wrong IStatus (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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