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[platform-ui-dev] Build Submission for I20080414-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 90959. [Commands] parameters: Duplicate commands for opening views: should old-style be deleted? (FIXED) + Bug 127308. [WorkbenchParts] PageBook documentation should tell users not to set layouts (FIXED) + Bug 134884. [DataBinding] CComboObservableValue does not support null (FIXED) + Bug 136337. [IDE] Allow a user to force the removal of all problem markers (FIXED) + Bug 141102. [WorkbenchParts] Link With Editor not pointing to current file being edited (REOPENED) + Bug 145557. [WorkbenchParts] Content description label needs a hover (FIXED) + Bug 168524. [WorkbenchParts] On restart partActivated (and partVisible) called before widgets are visible (FIXED) + Bug 179305. [DataBinding] Required-Bundle: org.eclipse.core.runtime (FIXED) + Bug 186522. [KeyBindings] New Keys preference page does not resort by binding with conflicts (FIXED) + Bug 200376. [IDE] Bidi issues with ContainerAndSelectionGroup's containerNameField (in ResourceAndContainerGroup) (FIXED) + Bug 202170. [Wizards] Empy Source Folder and Package in New Class Wizard (FIXED) + Bug 202187. [Contributions] WorkbenchWindowControlContribution getWorkbenchWindow returns null (FIXED)
+ Bug 205521. "Reset Perspective" action missing ellipsis (FIXED)
+ Bug 205974. Window->"Preferences..." shouldn't have ellipsis (FIXED)
+ Bug 206178. [Contributions] null pointer referenced is not caught when registering an action ActionBarAdvisor (FIXED) + Bug 206179. [Contributions] null pointer referenced is not caught when adding an action/item to menu in org.eclipse.jface.action.ContributionManager (FIXED) + Bug 206619. [Contributions] editor leaked when invoking action from visible action set via keybinding (FIXED) + Bug 212526. [KeyBindings] 'emacs' keyword should link to keys preference page (FIXED) + Bug 218540. [Perspectives] Perspectives always open in same window, regardless of preference (FIXED) + Bug 219913. Display.asyncExec should not be delayed till the workbench is initialized (FIXED) + Bug 221662. [Contributions] Extension point org.eclipse.ui.menus: sub menu contribution does not have icon even if specified (FIXED) + Bug 223188. [ErrorHandling] Crash of ModalContext thread freezes UI thread (FIXED) + Bug 223976. [Decorators] Content type decorator: Updating missing (FIXED) + Bug 225331. ScopedPreferenceStore.setToDefault(String) sends unneccessary event (FIXED) + Bug 225531. [Markers] Delete in Problems view should ask before deleting a marker (FIXED)
+ Bug 225601. Adopt API tooling for UI bundles (NEW)
+ Bug 226124. [GlobalActions] [regression] ActionFactory must return RetargetActions (FIXED)
+ Bug 226216. [DataBinding] ListDiff is calculated incorrectly (FIXED)
+ Bug 226305. [Markers] Tasks view not clearing high and low priority items (FIXED) + Bug 226530. [ActivityMgmt] IDEWorkbenchActivityHelper creates lots of runnables (FIXED) + Bug 226732. [GlobalActions] WorkbenchActionBuilder should use CommandContributionItems (FIXED)
+ Bug 226930. Debug tests DNF (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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