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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI build submission for I20080318-0800

Bug 207858. [DataBinding] TreeContentProviders for observable collections (ASSIGNED)
Bug 213273. Bad display of disabled command icons on toolbars (NEW)
Bug 213485. [Markers] [Markers] Problems view's description no longer shows how many errors and warnings there are (FIXED)
Bug 214919. [Markers] [Markers] Problems view settings for column width and grouping are not persisted (FIXED)
Bug 215531. [DataBinding] Content providers should respect viewer's IElementComparer (FIXED)
Bug 217902. [Markers] You have browsed configurations that you did not enable with the toggle button (FIXED)
Bug 217985. Port 3.3.2 CommonNavigator performance improvements to 3.4 (FIXED)
Bug 218360. [Servicability] Fix places that pop up message dialogues under ISafeRunnable (FIXED)
Bug 218882. [Markers] markers views fail to refresh on working set changes with 3.4M5 (FIXED)
Bug 220404. [Contributions] Update action extension points to use identifier (FIXED)
Bug 220411. [Markers] Update Marker extension points to use identifier (FIXED)
Bug 220412. [IDE] Update IDE extension points to use identifier (FIXED)
Bug 220662. [Markers] Problems view custom configuration with all types selected does not pick up new types (FIXED)
Bug 221520. [Decorators] NPE in CVS decorator (FIXED)
Bug 221521. [Markers] New markers API needs to be pared down (FIXED)
Bug 221642. StyledStringBuilder: additional append() methods (FIXED)
Bug 221649. [Import/Export] ZipFileImportWizard has no option to change the FILE_IMPORT_MASK (FIXED)
Bug 221704. [DataBinding] BeansObservables.observeMap(Object bean, String propertyName) (FIXED)
Bug 222375. [Markers] copy markers from markers view should 'pretty print' (FIXED)
Bug 222397. [Markers] Problems view no longer shows selected description in status bar (FIXED)
Bug 222411. [Dialogs] SaveAsDialog displays OS string file path, whereas it should display the workspace-style path instead. (FIXED)

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