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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20080311-0800

The build submission was done on time, this email is late, sorry.

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 84225. [WorkingSets][DynamicUI] NPE in WorkingSetRegistry (FIXED)
+ Bug 124684. [DataBinding] support binding to the checked elements of
a CheckboxTableViewer (FIXED)
+ Bug 133495. [StatusHandling] ErrorDialog: Wrap message (FIXED)
+ Bug 162140. [Progress] Be more resilient to null args in
StatusLine's progress monitor (FIXED)
+ Bug 183810. [Contributions] Provide API to execute a command in a
specific context (FIXED)
+ Bug 184830. [DataBinding] Introduce a map entry observable value (FIXED)
+ Bug 201052. [RCP] RCP should provide some role based access control
to UI elements (FIXED)
+ Bug 203767. [Markers] multiple instances of the new view a bit
confusing to work with (FIXED)
+ Bug 205064. [Contributions] Cannot create additions marker using
org.eclipse.ui.menus (FIXED)
+ Bug 210747. [Viewers] AbstractTreeViewer.remove() fails to remove
plus sign (FIXED)
+ Bug 211655. [Mac] Separator line in 'Window' menu doesn't look good
on the Mac (FIXED)
+ Bug 213145. [DataBinding] Refactor conformance tests for mutability
vs modifiability aspects (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 215531. [DataBinding] Known element sets should use viewer's
IElementComparer (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 215543. [WorkbenchLauncher]
WorkenchWindowAdvisor.postWindowRestore invoked in non-UI thread
+ Bug 220406. [WorkbenchParts] Update part extension points to use
identifier (FIXED)
+ Bug 220407. [Wizards] Update wizards extension points to use
identifier (FIXED)
+ Bug 220523. [StatusHandling] Improve information on error dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 220535. [Themes] colored labels preferences (FIXED)
+ Bug 220694. [Viewers] Javadoc warnings in I20080227-1100 (FIXED)
+ Bug 220766. [JFace] ImageRegistry.get does not work as expected
(crashes with NullPointerException) (FIXED)
+ Bug 221319. [validation] A plugin.xml that references an internal
class should be flagged (FIXED)
+ Bug 221330. [Metadata] org.eclipse.ui references internal classes in
extensions (NEW)
+ Bug 221337. [Markers] MarkerItem has too much API (FIXED)
+ Bug 221351. [DataBinding] DetailObservable(List|Set) and
JavaBeanObservableSet should be modifiable (FIXED)
+ Bug 221416. [Dialogs] button id not correct for DETAILS in
MessageDialogWithToggle (FIXED)
+ Bug 221493. [StatusHandling] WorkbenchStatusDialog should not extend
TrayDialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 221528. [Progress] Jobs started from
ProgressViewerContentProvider doesn't check if viewer is disposed
+ Bug 221768. [Viewers] Fix for bug 210747 causes NPE when parent is
+ Bug 221860. [Workbench] Workbench should use transient start to
activate UI (FIXED)
+ Bug 221988. [Viewers] AbstractTreeViewer.insert fails if parent
element has no children realized (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

Paul Webster
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