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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20080304-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 172087. [Themes] Problems with JFaceColors in High Contrast (FIXED)
+ Bug 181215. [Decorators] Image lives too long in OverlayCache (FIXED)
+ Bug 183810. [Contributions] Provide API to execute a command in a
specific context (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 187762. [FilteredTree] clear icon fails to appear on
FilteredTree if expand time gets maxed (FIXED)
+ Bug 189991. [Progress] Progress view truncates progress widgets for
long task names (FIXED)
+ Bug 199454. [Commands] Provide source variable or a property tester
for Perspective (FIXED)
+ Bug 205044. [Commands] activate, enable, and execute a command from
the same context (FIXED)
+ Bug 208103. [Markers] Mark Completed needs a busy cursor (FIXED)
+ Bug 208392. [Markers] Improve 'Quick Fix' dialog from new Marker view (FIXED)
+ Bug 210568. [Import/Export] - Refresh button does not update list of
projects (FIXED)
+ Bug 212177. [Services] Register sources for the IEvaluationService (FIXED)
+ Bug 215531. [DataBinding] Known element sets should use viewer's
IElementComparer (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 219432. [JFace] ImageDescriptor should use SWT's faster
operating system image loading (FIXED)
+ Bug 219620. [Decorators] Issues with the resource manager in
decoration context (FIXED)
+ Bug 219767. [Servicability] CoreExceptions being logged without
descriptions or traces (FIXED)
+ Bug 220368. [ErrorHandling] Javadoc warnings in N20080226-0010 (FIXED)
+ Bug 220404. [Contributions] Update action extension points to use
identifier (FIXED)
+ Bug 220405. [ActivityMgmt] Update activities extension points to use
identifier (FIXED)
+ Bug 220406. [WorkbenchParts] Update part extension points to use
identifier (FIXED)
+ Bug 220407. [Wizards] Update wizards extension points to use
identifier (FIXED)
+ Bug 220408. [WorkingSets] [Themes] Update themes and workingSets
extension points to use identifier (FIXED)
+ Bug 220409. [Preferences] Update preferences and properties
extension points to use identifier (FIXED)
+ Bug 220411. [Markers] Update Marker extension points to use identifier (NEW)
+ Bug 220423. [Commands] PageSwitcher should not assume that current
page is always first (FIXED)
+ Bug 220456. [Markers] All Markers view filters only show problems (FIXED)
+ Bug 220473. [WorkingSets] unable to recover from corrupt
workingsets.xml file (FIXED)
+ Bug 220534. [Viewers] tests for StyledStringBuilder (FIXED)
+ Bug 220546. [Decorators] performance problem with resource manager
in decoaration context (FIXED)
+ Bug 220564. [Preferences]
IWorkbenchPreferenceConstant#SHOW_MULTIPLE_EDITOR_TABS is mutable
+ Bug 220582. FilteredItemsSelectionDialog: add support for styled
labels (FIXED)
+ Bug 220663. [ActivityMgmt] Invalid thread access when activity is
enabled (FIXED)
+ Bug 220700. [DataBinding] Simplify ValueBinding.doUpdate (FIXED)
+ Bug 220791. [Progress] Shrinking the progress view does not resize
the job title (NEW)
+ Bug 220843. [Properties] Tree editors with columns, using JFace 3.3
infrastructure (FIXED)
+ Bug 220979. [Commands] HandlerAuthority should use IEvaluationService (FIXED)
+ Bug 221131. [Databinding] Compile-Error for ViewerElementMap/
ViewerElementSet because of missing JavaDoc (NEW)
+ Bug 221204. [Markers] IDE plugin.xml refers to old provisional package (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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