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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20080226-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 73979. [Decorators] CVS decorations blink on build [package
explorer] (FIXED)
+ Bug 168301. [ErrorHandling] JFace SafeRunnable should use new error
handling (FIXED)
+ Bug 174739. [Viewers] TableViewer - Combo cell editor - on single
click needs to open (FIXED)
+ Bug 181215. [Decorators] Image lives too long in OverlayCache (FIXED)
+ Bug 184533. [Progress] ProgressIndicator uses hardcoded style for
ProgressBar (FIXED)
+ Bug 190819. [WorkingSets] [CommonNavigator]  Project Explorer is
empty when there is no window working set (NEW)
+ Bug 191684. [StatusHandling] Status Dialog needs enhancements (FIXED)
+ Bug 198089. [ToolTips] Open/Add new API for ToolTips (FIXED)
+ Bug 199734. [Progress] Progress view shows two entries for same job
- only one is updated (FIXED)
+ Bug 201052. [RCP] RCP should provide some role based access control
to UI elements (NEW)
+ Bug 201906. [Viewers] 3.4 ColumnViewerEditor leaks ViewerCell
instances. (REOPENED)
+ Bug 205618. [Metadata] org.eclipse.core.tests.harness and
org.eclipse.ui.tests does not have an execution environment set
+ Bug 206401. [Progress] ProgressView doesn't track property of IAction (FIXED)
+ Bug 208830. [Preferences] Need ability to get at property page
details without using internal code (FIXED)
+ Bug 209509. [StatusHandling]  Addition of
StatusAdapter#EXPLANATION_PROPERTY and #HINT_PROPERTY is not binary
compatible (FIXED)
+ Bug 214532. [JFace] Open up the API for
org.eclipse.jface.layout.AbstractColumnLayout (FIXED)
+ Bug 215735. [Viewers] Exclude none visible cell from navigation and
traversing (FIXED)
+ Bug 215914. [prov] Enabling / disabling old update UI (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 216706. [Viewers] Disable 'check for expiration of
doubleClickTime' in TreeViewer and TableViewer (FIXED)
+ Bug 218336. [Viewers] Give CellEditors more control about the
activation/deactivation process (FIXED)
+ Bug 218932. [Status Handling][Tests] Show View shows category
'Status Handling' twice (FIXED)
+ Bug 218973. [Import/Export]  Import existing projects wizard: can't
import two version of same project (FIXED)
+ Bug 219081. FilteredItemsSelectionDialog: Avoid unecessary calls to
cp.getElements() (FIXED)
+ Bug 219361. RCPTestWorkbenchAdvisor has widget exception (FIXED)
+ Bug 219386. [Markers] Configuring the high/normal/low filters do not
change the view display (FIXED)
+ Bug 219432. [JFace] ImageDescriptor should use SWT's faster
operating system image loading (REOPENED)
+ Bug 219483. [Markers] MarkerField needs to support font and colours (FIXED)
+ Bug 219892. [About] Tooltip for branded features in about dialog
should include feature name (FIXED)
+ Bug 219909. [DataBinding] UnmodifiableObservableValue (FIXED)
+ Bug 219958. NPE when opening Open Type dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 219972. Core commands needs to be updated to 3.4 (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

Paul Webster
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